We are a neural hardware startup pioneering dry electrode technology to advance the EEG field.

Our progress

We are a Brisbane based neural hardware startup. Our goal is to advance EEG technology to help improve human health and performance. 

We will focus first on providing solutions for academia, hospitals and clinics which either research, diagnose or treat neurological disorders. These are the people who need our help most. We will then plan to create a commercial EEG headset to improve performance for the mainstream consumer.

Our first iteration product is a dry electrode system, using a novel material that we are currently developing alongside the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to help improve the accuracy and effiency of current EEG systems.

What is EEG neurofeedback training?


We are seeking expressions of interest from universities, hospitals, private clinics and EEG companies that are interested in trialling and using our novel dry electrode system.

Contact us here to see if we can work together.